Story from Geneva McLeroy Glover


Well, I've got two things I want to tell. When I was a little bitty thing out at Bogart, one day I was sitting in my Mother's lap in the living room. And she had a big milk jar of milk sitting by the fireplace. Homer went out and blackened his face and came in and just scared me so I kicked the milk jar over and spilled the milk.


And another thing I remember where there were juts two automobiles in Athens. We moved to town when I was juts two years old and we lived on Oglethorpe and Normal Avenu, the corner house that is still there. I guess I was about four or five years old and Mr. M.J. Mitchell had an electric car. My father bought the car. Y don't remember what model it was. That was one of only two automobiles in AThens. Well, that's about all I can remember.


But she continues...

Well, my parents were real strick on me and I was going to State Normal School when I was about sixteen years old and I met Elizabeth's father and we ran away and got married. He didn't live but two or three years after and I had to come back home with a baby.


(A little more coaxing...) Oh, yeah, Homer cobered up for me. Everything I did he covered it up. I had seen W.J and T'd go take piano lessons and was in recitials and Homer would follow me home and walk behind us. They thought Homer was with me all the time.